Security Fix Bollard 3551800

We manufacture various security bollards with various dimensions. Static bollards are the main preference of the consulates, military areas and in places where required high security applications.

Security static bollard outside diameter is 355 mm.

Security static bollard height is 900 mm.

Embedded section of the bollard is 900 mm.

Total height of the bollard is 1800 mm.

Static bollards are produced with and without surface-mount flange and anchored to surface.

To increase the durability of the bollard, best to pour C35 concrete inside the bollards and strengthen with 4 pieces of 12mm iron bars and finally close the top lid of the bollard.

These security bollards comply with K 8 / K 12standards.

Static bollards are produced as hot dipped galvanized, electro statics paint or with stainless steel sleeve.

Optionally reflector tapes can be sealed on the top section of the bollards.


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