Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)

Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)
  • 03.02.2023

Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)

This is a security system used in security-critical facilities with vehicle entry control points (military facilities, shopping malls, public buildings, factories, etc.). The system provides an under-vehicle scanning so that the security officer can examine the images and identify potential threats.


CKM Defence Under Vehicle Scanning System:


· The system can be used for every vehicle type ranging from passenger cars to trucks.

· The system scans the under-vehicle image of the vehicle during its pass, reads the number plate and displays them on the security officer’s monitor in just 2 seconds.

· If available, system displays the past image of the vehicle on the same monitor for comparison purposes. Meanwhile, images can be zoomed in and navigated through real-time.

· The system can produce various reports in the desired format.

· User authorization can be defined at every level.


Optional Functions:

 · Colour images,

· 3D colour or black & white images,

· Linkage to the databases of all existing integrated security systems (surveillance cameras, fire, access control, park control, etc.) if available by the master system,

· Running on a common database for areas with several access points,

Viewing the reports and images remotely.