Unit operating voltage 380V AC, 3-Faz, 50/60 Hz
Length 3111 mm – 4111 mm – 5111 mm – 6111 mm ±20 mm
Above-ground height 780 mm ± 10 mm
Under-ground part 1050mm ±10 mm
Width 1350mm ± 10 mm
Color Yellow-black painted (RAL 1028, 9005)
Collision unit Steel sheet and NPU NPI steel bar construction
Wall thickness 10 mm
Surface coating Electrostatic paint
Protection against corrosion Sanding, primer surfacer, electrostatic paint
Opening/closing time 4-6 seconds
Emergency rising feature 2 - 3 seconds (Optional)
Opening/closing capacity 1000 / day
Engine power 4kw – 5kw , 380V AC, 3- Phase
Operating temperature range -25 / 60 °C
Operation system Hydraulic system
Hydraulic piston 2 units
Hydraulic power unit Industrial hydraulic pump, oil level and temperature indicator, manual pump
Automation direction 220V two-way solenoid valve
Hydraulic pressure 40-80 Bars
Hydraulic tank 30-50 liters
Hydraulic hose R2 3/8 330 Bars house
Hydraulic oil 46 no. hydraulic oil
Hydraulic system heating/cooling Oil heater/cooler (optional)
Control cabinet Cabinet Size: 900 x 900 x 700 mm (height, width, depth)Cabinet Size: 900 x 900 x 700 mm (height, width, depth)
Control system Control with remote control, button control (optional), access systems (opsiyonel)
Control panel PLC based control, microprocessor control card, compatible with access systems (card access, license plate recognition system, fingerprint reader etc.)
Manual use Manuel pump
Warning equipment Warning light (optional), traffic light (optional), buzzer (optional)
Safety system Loop detector, photocell (optional)
Discharge pump Optional
Infrastructure C35 dosage reinforced concrete
Operation in case of power outage Battery (optional)