Unit operating voltage 380V AC, Triphase, 50/60 Hz
Diameter 220 mm
Height 740 mm- 900 mm
Above-ground height 540 mm – 700 mm
Under-ground part 830 mm – 990 mm
Underground Cylinder Material Galvanized steel pipe
Wall thickness (Top part) 8-14 mm
Surface coating 2 mm chrome coated /304 stainless steel/ electrostatic paint
Protection against corrosion Hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel coating
Opening/closing time 6-8 seconds
Opening/closing capacity 1000 / day
Automation direction 220V two-way solenoid valve
Engine power 0,75 kw-1,5kw-2,2 kw-4 kw – 5kw , 380V AC, Three phase
Engine speed 1500 rev./min
Operation type Hydraulic system
Hydraulic Cylinder Unit Double acting hydraulic cylinder of 40 mm in diameter, a piston of 28 mm in diameter
Operating pressure 15-20 Bars
Operating pressure maximum 60-80 Bars
Hydraulic hose R2 3/8 330 Bars house
Hydraulic oil 46 no. hydraulic oil
Hydraulic power unit Industrial hydraulic pump, oil level and temperature indicator, manual pump
Operating temperature range -25 / 50 °C
Field Cabinet

Cabinet Size: 600 x 500 x 500 mm (height, width, depth)

Cabinet Size: 900 x 700 x 600 mm (height, width, depth)

Cabinet Size: 900 x 900 x 700 mm (height, width, depth)

Cabinet Size: 1100 x 1300 x 600 mm (height, width, depth)

Control system Control with a standard remote control, and control with a button (optional)
Control panel PLC based control, compatible with access systems (card access, license plate recognition, fingerprint reader etc.)
Emergency rising 2 - 3 seconds (Optional)
Manual opening/closing Manual pump
Lighting Integrated LED lighting
Warning equipment Traffic light (opsiyonel)
Safety system security support Loop detector, Photocell
Hydraulic system heating/cooling Oil heater/cooler (optional)
Discharge pump Optional
Operation in case of power outage Battery (optional)